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Garage Design Source professionals do not only focus on garages and residential areas. We successfully install commercial floor coatings systems as well. If you want to enhance the appearance of your retail shop, give your facility a showroom shine, or protect your floors at dental/doctor‘s office, kennel or veterinary clinic, be sure that Garage Design Source will make every commercial flooring project a triumph!

Our unique products for commercial purposes are of the finest quality, guaranteeing years of beautiful, strong and durable floors that will withstand all kinds of heavy impact and harmful agents. Our polyurea floor coatings do not flake or peel. If you choose them, you‘ll make sure that your investment will pay off!

Garage Design Source will eagerly adjust to your schedule in order to minimize any business interruptions. We know to appreciate our clients‘ time and money!

If you‘ve always wanted a durable, long-lasting, top-quality floor for your commercial space, don‘t hesitate to contact us to get a quote!


Popular Commercial Applications

Garage Design Source has become a synonym for the best commercial flooring in Washington, DC. Choose from a wide range of commercial floor coatings, polyurea floor coatings, commercial epoxy floors or commercial floor paint for your business. Come up with the best solution for your:

  • Retail stores
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Kennels
  • Doctor‘s offices
  • and more!


Whether you decide to install new polyurea floor coatings or refresh your old epoxy floors, our superior floor coating solutions will always look as good as new. Garage Design Source installs the best flooring solutions that will remain impeccable for a long period of time.


Our Commercial Flooring Process

Garage Design Source professionals take every flooring project seriously. This means that they never start the installation process without the proper preparation. Be sure that Garage Design Source is a serious and devoted team that will never cut corners! Our duty is to go one step further, just to provide an ideal surface for the floor coatings to adhere to.

Floor preparation is crucial to the proper installation of any floor coating system. First, we begin with diamond grinding the surface - it‘s important to open the pores of the concrete and make the surface fresh for the new coating. This kind of treatment allows better adhesion and enables a longevity of the newly poured floor coating. Without the proper preparation, the result of new floor coating installation will be poor – it will not penetrate into the concrete‘s surface and will not bond.

After grinding, we remove all imperfections, cracks, and holes and fill all uneven areas leaving the surface with a smooth, new finish.

Next step is the installation of the new floor coatings that we thoroughly check for an even and smooth finish. After the installation, the floor coating takes a few days to cure completely, and then we apply the top coat. Applying the top coat is important because it‘s the key factor to protection against various harmful impacts. It also provides better cleaning and maintenance in general.

NOTE: If you decide to choose a commercial-grade polyurea coating, you should know that curing process of polyurea is much shorter. You can expose your floor to foot traffic after only 6-8 hours!

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Garage Design Source has been helping Washington, DC home and business owners enhance their floors and organize their space for 13 years. Thousands of satisfied clients are evidence that Garage Design Source is one of the most respected commercial flooring contractors in Washington, DC.

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Commercial Floor Coatings (FAQ)

Protect, enhance and preserve your commercial floors with the help of Garage Design Source professionals who offer different types of innovative polyurea systems and environmentally friendly commercial floor coatings for all kinds of commercial areas. Choose our expert team if you want to avoid the additional costs and install a strong and resilient floor coatings that looks natural and polished, highly aesthetic and eye-pleasing.

Get the best flooring solutions at a competitive price and ensure a safe workplace. We tried to give answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the commercial flooring, but if you have some additional questions, don‘t hesitate to contact us! We promptly respond to every client!


  1. Which type of flooring is perfect for your commercial facility?

The major factor in choosing the right type of flooring for your commercial object is definitely the amount of traffic it would have to withstand. Aesthetics is important, but what is also important is to consider the daily practice of a business that takes place in a certain facility. Also, before choosing the right floor coating, you must consider the fact whether  space is closed or opened. In general, all commercial facilities need durable, flexible, chemically resistant floor coatings that would withstand the daily traffic. For example, facilities like shops, showrooms, restaurants, offices need both protective and decorative commercial floor coatings to fit the aesthetic ambient of a space. In addition, floor coatings of exterior concrete surfaces like driveways, walkways or patios need staining and polishing to remove all the cracks and imperfections before sealing.


  1. Do floor coating products for your commercial facility need a certificate?

All flooring products must meet the environmental, health and safety standards of a commercial facility in question. The floor coatings must be tested in certified labs and have certificates and technical data sheet. They must fulfill the requirements of the users, making safety the priority. For example, in the food processing industry, purity and cleanliness must be of the utmost importance and a hygienic coating system is non-negotiable. There are many contaminants resulting in uncontrolled growth of bacteria. So, the floor coatings must be durable and protective to prevent the contaminants from endangering a hygienic surface. In addition, whether you want to apply floor coatings in a residential or a commercial object, you must be sure that they don‘t contain VOCs. It's widely known that VOCs can seriously endanger the health of people. This is another reason that a floor coating must be a certified brand.


  1. How to apply a commercial floor coatings and how much will it cost?

The concrete surface must be thoroughly cleaned and prepared before applying a commercial floor coating. All the visible dirt should be removed, all the scratches, cracks or imperfections repaired, and all stains cleaned. Floor preparation and polyurea floor coating installation imply caution, precision, knowledge, skill. That's why one should always contact a commercial flooring professional. An average cost of professionally installed poyurea floor ranges from $3-$12 per a square foot. The total cost also depends on the method, the type of commercial floor coating or the number of coatings applied. Before making any decisions or signing contracts with a professional flooring contractor, ask about the costs of labor, materials, and project supervision. Plan your budget on time.


  1. How long does it take for polyurea to cure?

Many factors can influence the curing time since the process involves very complex chemical reactions. Many factors can affect the curing process and these are the most important:

  • proper preparation of the surface,
  • humidity,
  • proper polyurea mixing,

Although the curing requires specific conditions in order to get the desired results, polyurea floor coatings cure faster than epoxy. They can be exposed to foot traffic after only 6-8 hours, and to vehicle traffic after 24 hours! Our polyurea solutions do not depend on ideal weather and higher temperature. You can apply them in very cold weather, so they are perfect for cold regions. You don't have to be limited by weather conditions, our polyurea coatings can be applied any time of the year.


  1. How thick should polyurea floor be?

 Epoxy floor thickness may vary depending on the impact and the traffic it withstands (it includes 1-2 coatings and a primer, and it can range from 300 microns to beyond 5 mm). As for the polyurea floor coatings, it can be applied in one coating, regardless of the desired thickness. It‘s usually 60-120 mm thick, although it can exceed this range. One of the advantages of applying polyurea floor coatings is that you don‘t have to apply multiple coats to reach the desired thickness. This, of course, reflects on your budget, and the application time.


  1. Is applying the top coat necessary?

Applying the top coat will ensure the safety of your equipment and personnel. It will also improve the commercial floor coating‘s  durability and attractive appearance. Use the top coat if you want to:

  • take care of the safety - this mostly refers to the businesses with static sensitive components. These kinds of facilities must have ESD top coatings designed for safe electrical performance and driving away static charges.
  • make the floor stronger – the top coat will add thickness and will help in resisting the harmful impacts. If you run a restaurant, accidental flatware or dish dropping won‘t damage your floor due to this super resistant protective coating.
  • protect the color – if you don‘t want your color coating to fade over time, it‘s a good idea to put another coating over it. Many chemicals, spills and other impacts can cause the discoloration of your floor.
  • clean the floor easily – a gliding surface will certainly make the cleaning easier. Aggressive scrubbing will only damage the floor.
  • hide scratches - with the top coat you can easily hide the visible imperfections and prevent the further damaging of the floor.
  • add style and beauty to your floor – the top coat will give depth and gloss to your showroom floors, making them luxurious and shiny.


  1. What are the style and color options for commercial floor finishes?

For high traffic commercial spaces exposed to the public, (restaurants, showrooms or retail stores) polyurea floors are a good option. Not only because of its resilience, strength, and durability, but because of numerous decorative options with powerful effects. Convey a certain atmosphere or attract the attention of your customers! You can choose from a wide range of matte, glossy finishes or the unlimited number of custom colors. Choose between metallic or high-gloss polished concrete floors. Become the talk of the town in most appealing commercial environments.


  1. What types of polyurea coatings are used in commercial areas?

According to the chemical structure, polyurea can be divided to aliphatic and aromatic polyurea. The first one is stronger, but it‘s not recommended for areas that are exposed to direct sunlight since they are not UV stable. Aliphatic polyurea, on the other hand, is UV resistant and it makes an excellent finish.


  1. Why is polyurea better than epoxy coatings for your commercial facility?

Garage Design Source professionals believe that polyurea floor coatings show the best performance. These are some of the reasons why to choose polyurea over epoxy:

  • It‘s more flexible and it better absorbs harmful impacts than epoxy.
  • It‘s more resistant to abrasion
  • It‘s more resistant to chemicals
  • It‘s UV resistant
  • it cures faster
  • It can be applied in all weather conditions and temperatures


  1. What is the life span of polyurea floor coating?

The lifespan of your polyurea floor coating can be surprisingly long if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • if the floor has been installed by a licensed, professional company that guarantees for its installation job.
  • if you have chosen the adequate flooring for your commercial area (the flooring that can withstand the light/heavy traffic, UV rays, abrasion, chemical attack etc).
  • if you regularly and properly maintain the floor.

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Garage Design Source has been helping Washington, D.C. home and business owners beautify their floors and organize their homes and offices for 13 years. With thousands of happy customers throughout the greater Washington, D.C. region, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are working with one of the area’s most respected home services contractor.

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