Garage Flooring in Fairfax County, VA

How many times have you wanted to get a brand new epoxy garage floor coverings but a flooring contractor of your choosing doesn't cover your area? We have some good news for you if live in Fairfax County! Garage Design Source has been performing miracles installing unique epoxy and polyurea garage floor systems for 13 years in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia, including Fairfax County. We install custom garage floors in the following locations:

West Falls Church, VA


Great Falls, VA


Belle Haven, VA


Franconia, VA

22150, 22310, 22315

Herndon, VA

20170, 20171, 20192, 20172, 22095

Fairfax Station, VA


Fort Belvoir, VA


Mt Vernon, VA


Chantilly, VA

20153, 20151

Oakton, VA


Annandale, VA


Belle View, VA


Burke, VA

22009, 22015

Centerville, VA

20120, 20121, 20122

Reston, VA

20190, 20191, 20194, 20195, 20196, 22096

Garage Design Source in the County of Fairfax has been transforming garages, offices, basements making them highly efficient for clients‘ needs. Our garage floor coating contractors in Fairfax, VA, access customer‘s space with knowledge and experience doing the custom made, quick and well-organized epoxy floor makeovers. Whether you‘re located in Chantilly or Mt Vernon, our experts promise you a lifetime guarantee on their epoxy garage flooring and polyurea coverings.

Not only are epoxy garage floor solutions a smart investment, but they will also give a new, fresh look to your home or facility, adding thousands to its value. Take a look at the current home value state in Fairfax County, and then make your own calculations for your residence in Herndon or West Falls Church!

The average home value in Fairfax County is $519,000. The values have risen 2.2% over the past year. The price per square foot is $300, which is higher than the Washington Metro average of $221. The average price of homes in Fairfax County is $589,900., while the rent price is $2,200 (higher than the Washington Metro - $2,100).

Do you want to make your space sensational?

If you want to reorganize your garage space in Franconia, install a new epoxy garage floor coating in Fort Belvoir or generally improve the old industrial flooring in Fairfax VA, call Garage Design Source professionals. Regardless of the location, we offer a full-service garage enhancement performance – it doesn‘t matter if you‘re located in Fairfax Station or Burke. Our professional service includes:

Residential flooring - if you want a durable and yet creative garage surfacing in your Great Falls home or durable and elegant garage epoxy floor coating, Garage Design Source will make all your wishes come true. Forget about cracks, discolorations, drab patios, and driveways! Ask our clients from Centerville to Reston - they‘ll all confirm that our epoxy and polyurea ideas are the best solutions for your residential space.

Commercial flooring - We‘ll provide you with the best epoxy one-day coating systems that are ideal for the commercial or retail environment. We know that our busy clients in Belle Haven and Belle View have tight deadlines. That‘s why Garage Design Source contractor is an excellent choice! We'll cause minimum disruption having in mind that time is money!

Industrial flooring - Industrial flooring is also one of our specialties. All you need to do is call us, and we‘ll come up with the best flooring systems for your facility that must withstand heavy loads, high impact, and intense abrasion. We cover 15 different locations in Fairfax County, so if you live in Annandale or Franconia we‘ll be happy to make your facility be fully protected and durable too!

Garage Storage System Solutions - We‘ll help you select the best storage system, providing high-quality racking systems, shelves, garage cabinetry that smartly utilize space in your garage. In Oakton, VA, for example, we‘ve done hundreds of garage makeovers, and our clients got the maximum value for their money! See how your messy cluttered garage turns into a clean, functional and pleasant space today!

Polyaspartic floor coatings vs epoxy

Both epoxy and polyurea are fantastic materials that protect concrete floors against wear, stains, chemicals, oils and other damaging factors. Both of them are long lasting, easy to maintain and light-reflective. However, Garage Design Source in Fairfax County will help you choose the ideal one to use for your project.

Benefits of epoxy - it bonds well with concrete, a good resurfacing agent, low in VOCs, easy to apply, strong and durable, resistant to scratching, hot tire pick up, abrasion.

Benefits of polyureamore flexible than epoxy, having better absorbing properties, more abrasion resistant and generally better resistant to solvents. Also, unlike epoxy, it‘s UV stable and can tolerate high temperatures and temperature swings.

Although the second option proves to be stronger and more resistant than epoxy, Garage Design Source will help you get the benefit of both materials depending on your project. Whichever solution you choose, we guarantee that you‘ll get a high-performance garage coating that will withstand all the challenges for the years to come.

What are polyurea and polyaspartic garage floor coatings?

Garage Design Source professionals from Mt Vernon and Reston heartily recommend these floor coatings due to their much favorable characteristics than epoxy floor coatings. These super strong formulations are classified as polyurethanes giving the concrete industrial strength and elegant, luxurious glow. Being resistant to wear and corrosion, their thick, VOC free and the non-abrasive surface will fit all types of residential, commercial or industrial purposes in Mt Vernon and Reston. Epoxy may be ideal for your residential space, but your commercial facility or industrial environment will certainly need better protection and ultra strong flooring properties.

Garage flooring options and storage solutions for house owners in Fairfax County, VA

Garage Design Source offers the best one-day garage epoxy and polyurea flooring solutions that will satisfy all your residential requirements. As an illustration, our many clients from Fairfax Station and Oakton testify that they‘ve enjoyed the best flooring experience ever! We guarantee that all our epoxy coatings for garage floors are rigorously tested and safe for your family‘s health. A special formulation allows fast curing and application at extremely high or low temperatures. All you have to do is to call your local Garage Design Source contractor in Chantilly, Burke or any other location that we cover in the County of Fairfax, and choose the best option for refinishing your garage floor! We proudly present:

  • wide range of custom colors, patterns and designs
  • custom coating formulations
  • wide choice of chip and flake blends
  • 24/7 technical support.

Choose the performance you need with the professional assistance of your local garage floor coating Fairfax VA agent! Contact us!

If you live in Herndon or Belle Haven, for example, and you want to make a total garage makeover, our top quality garage cabinets, overhead storage racks or slat walls will smartly utilize your garage or basement space. For an overall smooth finished look, we‘ll configure a unique storage system that will meet every owner‘s desires. Tell us what you're looking for, and Garage Design Source in the County of Fairfax will do everything to make all your wishes come true! We guarantee that we can perform an unlimited number of configurations for closet, cabinet and racking systems! Make the most of your space today, give us a call!

NOTE: We want to remind you that a garage renovation can seriously add value to your home in case you want to sell it. Although it takes some effort and money, the garage makeover is actually a very sensible venture! High-quality improvements of your garage space, driveways or patios increase the value of your home and make life easier. If you ever decide to sell your home, be sure that the potential new residents will certainly notice the garage improvements.

However, make sure you choose a reliable and reputable garage flooring and storage company that has a great experience and has made thousands of makeovers in Fairfax County. It would be also good if it has its office in your local area, like Belle View, Centerville or Fort Belvoir. It‘s important to choose a contractor who‘s close to you and whom you can easily reach anytime you encounter a problem. It‘s extremely important that you and your flooring contractor easily communicate, to get an immediate response and a timely action. Read hundreds of testimonials that confirm that Garage Design Source performs the work that meets the highest garage flooring and storage system standards.

Commercial floor coatings in Fairfax County, VA

If you are an owner of a retail space, fast food restaurant, patisserie or bakery, you certainly need a strong and durable epoxy or polyurea flooring that looks good, that‘s easily maintained, and of course, that doesn‘t cost a fortune. We‘ve done plenty of terrific work in Fort Belvoir and put smiles on many owners‘ faces, so check out our performance and contact us if you want to improve your food business the same way in your location. Commercial flooring in this kind of business must withstand the impact of constantly moving equipment, light traffic or the heat when you, for example, pull the hot racks from the oven! Garage Design Source‘s clients in Belle View and Centerville are perfectly satisfied with the installed non-slippy and sealed floors that are now smooth and easy to clean. Even those surfaces that seemed extremely damaged and irreparable now satisfy even the most rigorous criteria. Avoid slip-and-fall accidents and get the rock solid epoxy garage floor coating. Our commercial floor coatings installations meet the highest sanitary food industry regulations!

Our epoxy and polyurea commercial floor coatings are:

  • UV stable
  • abrasion resistant
  • resistant to heat, moisture, and chemicals
  • VOC free
  • fast curing.

Garage Design Source contractors in Great Falls have installed the floor coatings that do not flake, peel or blister, cause we constantly improve the coating technology. Tell us your location and we‘ll adjust to the challenges of your specific commercial business too.

Industrial Floor Coatings in the County of Fairfax, VA

We have significantly improved our industry coating technology, so we offer the top performance solutions for the owners of warehouses and different kinds of factories and heavy industry in Fairfax County, from West Falls Church to Annandale. If you‘re looking for a revolutionary garage floor paint, a few times stronger than epoxy that can face the heavy machinery and heavy load challenges, 24h a day and 7 days a week, we have a solution for you! Call Garage Design Source professionals and we‘ll come up with the best possible coating system for your industrial facility.

You should know that the work safety is our top priority. An industrial environment must be clean, bright and clearly mapped out. All danger zones must be marked and smooth flow of traffic and goods is crucial. Also, keeping the floor clean, preventing moisture and proving a hazard free working space is another issue of concern. If you choose our flooring company, be sure that your floor will last longer than any traditional epoxy floor! Call our flooring experts today and schedule a free consultation and make the best decision for your business.

Our industrial floor coatings are stronger and more durable than epoxy, and they show an excellent flexibility resistance to:

– high impact
– heavy traffic
– chemicals
– abrasion
– scratch
– heat
– stains
– temperature
– moisture.

Industrial flooring solutions must withstand much more pressure and impact than commercial or residential floors. But our special formulated flooring solutions will withstand the heaviest use and extreme pressure. Avoid costly repairs and time-consuming floor covering removal – be smart, invest in high-quality Garage Design Source‘s floor coverings.

Why choose Garage Design Source experts?

We pride ourselves on the partnership with customers who value the highest quality, safety expertise and overall service for 13 years! If you have any doubts, read all garage floor coating reviews and testimonials to see how we rank in the flooring industry in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virgina and what is the opinion of our clients about our service!

Garage Design Source experts in Fairfax County will eagerly help you evaluate the lifetime cost of the epoxy or polyurea system you're buying. Keep in mind that a short term good value can cost you dearly over a 20 years period if you need to constantly repair it or replace it after some time. Schedule a free consultation today and we‘ll help you calculate the amount of money and time you need for your project!!

Before we get down to business and you get one of our elite garage floors, we‘ll do all the necessary inspection and concrete preparations that every serious flooring company must convey! In addition, have no worries while the installation process takes place! Our VOC free, environmentally friendly epoxy floor coating will not harm your employees' health and safety. We seriously monitor and control all our activities that may be harmful to health. Also, we‘ll do our best to make the least interruption to your business and that‘s why we have developed a one-day epoxy installation process. Time is money and we dont want to waste it!

Keep in mind that we never complete any work without the warranties. Whether you‘re located in Great Falls or Fort Belvoir, after out team has completed the work, we present our every client with a written warranty. We proudly stand behind the products and services we provide! Call your local Garage Design Source concrete contractors in Fairfax, VA today! We'll friendly advise you on every issue you can‘t resolve related to polyurea or epoxy floor coatings and help you narrow down the choices for your project. Let‘s get the best possible solution together!

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