Garage Storage Systems for Residents of Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia

Garage Design Source has a garage storage systems to keep your garage clean and orderly. We are the leading garage storage company in the greater Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. area, providing a wide selection of garage storage systems and solutions. Whether you are looking for custom garage cabinetry, overhead racking systems, or shelves we can help you to make the most of your home’s storage space. 

Garage Storage Systems

Garage Storage Systems

Basement Organization

Basement Organization



Our Product Offerings

Garage Storage Systems - Cabinetry


Our cabinets are specifically designed for the rigors and physical stress of your garage or basement environment, and installed by expert craftsmen to give you years of satisfaction.

Garage Storage Systems - Storage ShelvesStorage Shelves

Our shelves are typically integrated with our cabinetry offerings, but can also be installed as standalone.

Garage Storage Systems - Garage storage racksSports Racks

Garage storage racks are perfect for hanging all kinds of sports equipment including baseball gloves, bats, lacrosse sticks, etc.

Garage Storage Systems - Work Benches

Slat WallPegboard/Slatwall

Hang your drills, saws, hammers, etc. on our Pegboard/Slatwalls. Helps organize the space, while providing easy-access to the items you use frequently.

Garage Storage Systems - Bike racksBike Racks

Our bike racks allow you to store your bikes without cluttering up the garage – further opening up the space.

Best Garage Storage Solutions in D.C. - Reinvent Your Garage Space With GDS

Admit it! Your garage is in a total mess and it needs a complete makeover! Today! We know that making a functional and clean garage space is easier said than done. That's why our garage storage solutions will present you with thousands of garage storage ideas in no time! Our garage storage systems experts will make the entire makeover process pleasant, whether you need garage ceiling storage, garage bike storage or garage storage cabinets. Garage Design Source will beautifully transform your garage from ceiling to the floor!

We all know that garage is a perfect space for keeping all kinds of tools and equipment, but the problem is that it soon turns into a chaotic space without the proper garage organization systems! Garage Design Source will enable an excellent garage storage and outstanding garage storage solutions, cause we know that storing household items is not an easy task! Our best garage storage system ideas will show you how to organize storage in garage and make the most of your garage space.

With proper garage storage planning and superb garage storage solutions, our team of professionals will prove that having free, clean uncluttered space is priceless and that everyone should use every inch of walls and ceilings. Overhead garage storage or garage storage shelves will certainly help you save a lot of trouble. Check out how small garage storage ideas can make big difference with a professional company like Garage Design Source!

Simple to Customized Garage Storage Systems

Easy and functional garage storage solutions will enable you with a comfortable, organized and fulfilling life! Keep your expensive assets inside, and save them from theft and damage. Our professional garage storage system including garage hanging storage, garage wall storage, or garage tire storage will help you protect them, and make them more available for the family. We all know that effective use of garage space is absolutely necessary.

Our garage system options include:

  • Over 200 styles of garage storage cabinets,
  • Pegwall and slatwall systems for garages,
  • Garage storage shelves,
  • Garage storage racks including sports racks,
  • Bike storage systems for garages,
  • Hanging garage storage systems,
  • Garage work benches,
  • Toy garage storage,
  • Garage storage bins,
  • And other garage storage units!

Why should I choose GDS over the others?

Garage Design Source offers the entire range of customized and versatile products and garage storage solutions. Our experienced design team of experts will always consult you to choose together the best new age garage storage for your home. Garage Design Source creative team has plenty of unusual garage shoe storage ideas or schemes how to maximize a garage storage space.

The main reasons why you should consider our impeccable Garage Design Source service:

  • Experience. Our experts have been in business for 15 years, and they have completed thousands of garage storage projects across Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virgina. When it comes to a demanding project like the transformation of garage space, experience plays a very important role. Our team is incredibly skilled, professional and knowledgable. Avoid the nightmare scenarios and hire a professional and reputable company like Garage Design Source for the best garage storage solutions and remodeling results.
  • Quality. Our garage storage solutions have a lifetime warranty since GDS knows how to provide quality garage enhancement solutions and what is the best garage storage system for your space. This unique design of garage storage solutions is both beautiful and long lasting. Also, our garage storage cabinets or garage wall storage systems will hold up great weight loads since they are built to last!
  • Affordability. Garage Design Source experts will create a variety of garage storage solutions adjusted to virtually any budget. Call our professionals today and utilize one of our many affordable garage storage ideas. Install the garage organization systems that will save you money! Forget about the expensive outside storage – we‘ll show you how to design storage in the garage that will store 2 times more than the regular storage solution!
  • Fast service. Garage Design Source garage storage solutions experts always arrive on time and finish all their work when arranged, respecting the scheduled deadlines. Our work generally takes 1 to 3 days causing minimum interruptions and disturbances. If you call Garage Design Source today, you‘ll get the fastest and the most beautiful and functional home improvement ever.

Four steps to perfect garage organizaton


Our experienced Garage Design Source representative will pay a free visit to your home to take a look at the place you want to reconstruct and get all the necessary information (dimensions, the location of doors and windows, etc.), listen to your suggestions and check out and fix the possible limiting issues.


We are ready to create a lovely, customized design, but only when we get your approval. Our professional team is ready to discuss every item with a client, always eager to make all the desired changes. Call us today to discover the best Garage Design Source‘s components that will perfectly fit your famiily style.


You want to renovate one wall or the entire garage space? Want some brand new garage storage racks? No problem! Whatever you may need, Garage Design Source has a perfect garage storage solution for every space. Our office team includes serious professionals who will eagerly answer all your questions and concerns during the installation process. After the installation has been completed, we‘ll take some extra time to explain how the new garage storage systems work.


And finally, this is the easiest part of the process! Behold your perfectly clean garage storage space that will cause the envy of all your neighbors! Enjoy the breathtaking view of your seamless home enhancement experience. Now that everything is over, ask yourself why didn‘t you do it earlier!

Investing in a storage system is much more than finding a new place for your belongings. Your tools, sports, and household equipment don't have to suffocate the entire garage space. The main goal of Garage Design Source professionals is to provide you with the outstanding customer service and satisfy your clients with the top quality garage storage solutions available. Here's what our loyal customers say about our service!


‘Garage Design Source has been so fabulous to work with! We requested so many quotes from different garage storage contractors, but they never reached us back! Fortunately, this wasn't the case with GDS! Not only did they perfectly install the overhead garage storage, but they also respected our time and worked during the day while my husband and I were at work. It was a really pleasant surprise to come back from work, find no traces of mess, and the installed garage storage racks ready for use! I‘m looking forward to recommending their excellent service to any of my friends who need a professional and innovative garage storage ideas.‘ 

Melissa, Rockville, MD

'Garage Design Source team has really made a difference in our garage space with the new garage storage systems. Their cheap garage storage ideas got everything off the floor onto a shelf or rack! Thank God, we have so much space now! They knew exactly what we needed and didn't try to sell us something different. I‘m still in awe how much of space opened up for us with their smart garage storage solutions!

Kimmy, Ashburn, VA

‘Thank you, GDS for the superb job with my home! I can finally park both of my cars inside the garage. I simply can‘t believe how much clutter we actually had before the GDS intervention! Due to their garage storage planning, now I‘m able to have a good storage of my tools and other items and still have plenty of room for my two beauties! I‘ll surely stay in touch with these great guys in the future and will eagerly recommend their top performance service!‘

Jake, Vienna VA

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