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Create a Mudroom in your Garage

You get home, you take off your coats and shoes and the kids drop off their back packs onto the floor. Sound familiar? The room that is supposed to be your mud room which currently is your foyer, laundry room or even just somewhere near the back door still ends up being the family dumping ground. This is the perfect time to take that step and make a change, an organizational change to create a “home” for all of your stuff in the garage.



Garage Design Source can take your old mud rooms that are loaded with shoes, coats, back packs, extra refrigerators, freezers, a washer and dryer, and turn it into something manageable that everyone can live with. We can create a custom solution with cabinets, slat wall and shelving that complement the design and look of your home.

The main function of a mud room is for family members to put on and take off the items they need for when they come home and leave the house. With everyone’s stuff everywhere, there is generally a struggle to leave on time and sometimes items become lost in the grand shuffle of things. One of the best and most common solutions that Garage Design Source loves to offer their clients is a great family locker set up.  This is a great way to hang coats and hats while keeping everyone’s shoes separated as well. Those who don’t have room for lockers, can opt for slat wall with accessory hooks coats, back packs and gear. You can have a separate shoe cabinet as well which comes in handy in the winter with big boots and other shoes. If the mud room is going to be in the garage, a simple heater can be placed inside to keep the mud room area warm for family members and carpet can be added to not only keep the feet comfy, but also allow for the toes to stay warm as they walk to the inside of the house.