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Locally owned and operated independent garage storage, garage flooring and garage door repair and installation company. We can install the right products at the lowest price.


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About us

Our Story

We have served our community as THE garage professionals, since 2003. GDS specializes in garage renovations and can design and build custom storage solutions to meet every homeowner’s needs. We have expanded our services to include garage door installation and servicing. We are trusted garage experts for 20 years and can transform your garage through flooring, cabinetry, doors and more.

  • More storage capacity – using products made for the garage, we can dramatically increase the home’s overall storage capacity, and relieve other areas of the house.
  • Greater utility and space efficiency – to organize belongings and be able get the car in off the driveway or curb.
  • Attractive and functional workspaces – we build custom work centers designed around enthusiast hobbies and interests, including motorcycle, boats, or car specialties, crafts making, sports themes, even “garage pub” themes. We use custom graphics, colored floor schemes, novelty replicas and tools to decorate and complete the look that the discriminating homeowner wants.

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GDS offers the best quality Garage Doors with Professional Installation.

Explore The Features

Affordable Locally owned & operated Garage Door Repair Service.

Explore the Features

Flooring for Residential Garages, Basements & Patios as well as Commercial solutions.

Explore the Features

Garage Storage Systems including cabinetry, overhead racks, garage Car Lifts and more.

Garage Design Source

Partnership programs

At Garage Design Source we are always seeking to further develop our relationship with the communities we serve. We establish mutually beneficial partnerships with other companies in the Home Improvement Industry, as well as our customers, and offer incentives such as discounts, referral fees and our own referrals. The main benefit of partnering with Garage Design Source is that you can count on our 20-year track record of quality – we will make you look good.

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