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Premium Car lifts


Give your garage an upgrade that gives you more space and keeps your largest investments safe. Designed by structural engineers, a wraparound sliding post locking mechanism sets our garage car lifts in Washington DC apart. This new design provides a level or superior safety and security by reducing wobble and sway. This garage car lift provides premium safety and an aesthetically pleasing design for your garage.


All 4 corners of our Wildfire lifts come standard with 3/4″ thick safety locks that engage simultaneously as the lift passes each lock notch. Additionally a “cable slack” lock is installed on each corner to provide extra security. The main and secondary locks are held tightly in place to the post by the wrap around design of our cross beams which eliminates the chance of the locks “missing” or becoming disengaged. Fun fact: GDS Wildfire Lifts has never produce a single lift without a secondary cable slack lock.


Each and every cable underneath the runway used to safely lift your vehicle is held in place, ensuring they don’t become dislodged from the ball bearing pulley while in operation or not. These “cable keepers” keep a tight enough tolerance to allow the cables to operate as intended but not allow for them to ever slip off of the pulley.


Directly coming out of the hydraulic cylinder is a brass fitting with an associated flow restricting orifice in place to limit the overall downward speed of the lift. This flow restrictor is in place as an additional level of security encase of an accident that damaged a hydraulic hose. Unlike other lifts with flow restrictors in the motor unit we place it directly on the hydraulic ram so that no fluid travels through a hydraulic hose before flowing through the restrictor.


When car enthusiasts want to increase the parking capability of your garage, they turn to our garage car lifts in Washington DC. Our Wildfire car lifts are both safe and attractive.

Rolling Jack Trays: We use rolling jack trays with tension locks to keep our trays better positioned during use. We’ve also found that sliding trays have a tendency to bind up or cause damage to the runway surface.

Steel Approach Ramps: Unlike other garage car lifts in Washington DC, we use steel approach ramps rather than aluminum ramps. Steel ramps are more durable and provide longevity that aluminum ramps do not.

Ball Bearing Pulleys: The GDS Wildfire family of lifts was designed with longevity in mind. Every single pulley used on our lifts is an accessible ball bearing style. This allows for easy and minimal maintenance to keep your lift in its best operational state for years to come.