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Overhead Storage Racks

Overhead Storage Racks in Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia

We are the leading garage storage provider in the greater Washington, D.C. metro area. We offer a wide selection of customized storage systems including the Monkey Bars Storage System. As the exclusive Gorgeous Garage Dealer in metro Washington D.C, GDS can help you maximize your garage storage space to create a functional garage, basement and mudroom.

Overhead Storage Racks

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Overhead Storage Fixed Racks

Overhead ceiling racks are an effective way to maximize space to store long term storage items. These racks from Gorgeous Garage can support a weight capacity of 750 lbs. With a 2-inch lip on the perimeter of the rack you can be reassured that this rack will keep things safe and up high off the ground.
MB overhead (2)

Maximize your Space with Ceiling Storage

Utilize your space above the garage rail for less frequently used items. The racks are available in Granite Grey and White and are suspended from the ceiling in order to utilize the space above your garage door. Supports are centered on each side to provide easy access to your items and span two ceiling joists.
OH white 22

Long Term Storage Solutions

Overhead garage storage racks are the best solution for storing items that you don’t use that often and maximize space above. GDS offers the best racks available in Washigton DC Metro area. The racks are customizable and include professional installation and a lifetime warranty.

Motorized Overhead Racks


Maximize your space

Ceiling racks can give homeowners back precious floor space, but can be difficult to load and unload. Motorized overhead ceiling racks are a high tech and efficient way to effectively use the space above your garage doors for storage.
Motorized OH

Convenient and Efficient

Skip the ladder and load these racks from the ground level and maintain easy access to your items. No more heavy lifting of your longer term storage items. Load decorations, books and items you don't need every day to maximize your space.

Cutting Edge Technology

Blue Tooth Controlled: Holds up to 350lbs and lowers 12 feet from ceiling. Controlled through an app on your smartphone to give you safe and convenient storage for your items. No wires or remotes to keep track of.

Simple to Customized Garage Storage Systems

Easy and functional garage storage solutions will maximize your space and great a comfortable and  organized garage. We offer custom options as well as our layered storage system.

Our garage system options include:

  • Custom garage storage cabinets available in over 15 color options & finishes.
  • Slat wall systems for garages
  • Multilayer garage storage shelves
  • Bike storage systems
  • Hanging sports storage bags and accessories
  • Garage work benches with custom finishes
  • Motorized and Stationary Overhead Storage Racks

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