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Partnership Programs


At Garage Design Source we are always seeking to further develop our relationship with the communities we serve. We establish mutually beneficial partnerships with other companies in the Home Improvement Industry, as well as our customers, and offer incentives such as discounts, referral fees and our own referrals. The main benefit of partnering with Garage Design Source is that you can count on our 13-year track record of quality – we will make you look good.

We offer the following Partnership programs:

Neighborhood Ambassadors Program

– for former customers who are looking to assist in promoting Garage Design Source within their neighborhood in exchange for a rebate.

Commercial Partners Program

– for home builders, general contractors, etc., who are looking for a garage flooring and organization company that can increase the value of the homes in their developments and guarantee the quality of the installs, for life!

Referral Program

– for professionals across the home improvement industry who are looking for a quality garage flooring and organization company to refer to their customers.

Commercial Partnership Program

Landscape Companies
Garage Door Companies
Neighborhood Ambassadors Program

Referral Program

Home Remodeling
Interior Designers

Neighborhood Ambassadors Program

Real Estate Agents
General Contractors
Home Builders
Garage Design Source

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