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What is polyurea and why is it better than other floor sealing products?

Garage Design Source floor coatings is a two-component product that when mixed together, forms a 100% Polyurea floor sealer. Polyurea is superior to epoxy, urethanes, paints and other coatings. Polyurea forms a harder, denser, more abrasion resistant film than any of them.

What about gas, oil and brake fluid? Will these damage the Garage Design Source floor coatings?

Polyurea is impervious to gas, oil, salt and other harsh chemicals.

Can I use a pressure washer to clean my Polyurea if needed?

Yes, pressure washing will not damage the integrity of the floor. Pressure wash at a low PSI.

Why do I need a protective coating on my garage floor?

Unprotected concrete floors will wear and be stained by oils and fluids. Damage can occur by the corrosive effects of snow and ice-melting chemicals such as rock salt. Polyurea coating systems protect concrete from wear because it is actually harder and more durable than the concrete itself. Polyurea is so dense that oils and fluids cannot penetrate its surface to soak in and cause staining. Polyurea is impervious to the corrosive effects of rock salt. Polyurea beautifies your floor while prolonging the life of the concrete itself.

Why does the floor have to be prepared?

Floor preparation is crucial to the proper installation of the floor coating system. Without proper floor preparation, the floor coating liquids will not be able to penetrate and bond to concrete. To insure proper bonding, a concrete grinder with diamond bits removes a slight portion of the top coat of the concrete, thereby opening the pores of the concrete and providing an anchor for adhesion.

What is the purpose of the decorative chips?

The decorative chips serve to enhance the appearance of the surface and to provide a texture which will prevent someone from slipping on a wet garage floor. If you desire to have a floor without a texture, perhaps in the basement, the floor can be installed such that it has a smooth surface.

What will hot tires do to Garage Design Source floor coatings?

Nothing. Tires heated from normal driving will not cause delamination.

Do I have to re-coat every year?

No, White Rabbit floor coatings have a lifetime warranty to retain its gloss.

Is the Garage Design Source floor coating slippery when wet?

No, the coating will not be slippery when wet. The aggressive texture of the chips, coupled with the addition of aluminum oxide to the top coat, will provide sufficient texture to prevent a slippery surface.

What are the decorative chips made of?

Our decorative chips are made of vinyl. Unlike other coating systems available which use acrylic chips, vinyl chips are designed to lay down flatter, soak in better, and adhere better to the coating system. This leaves you with a flatter floor that the chips are embedded in, thus eliminating peeling or flaking over time.

If my garage has windows, will the Polyurea coating fade or change colors?

No. Polyurea is UV neutral and is not effected by direct sunlight. Epoxy, on the other hand, will fade and yellow. Similarly, the apron, or outside edge of the garage floor, will not fade with the polyurea. The epoxy will.

What are the average dry times for the Polyurea?

Foot traffic – 6-8 hours Heavy traffic, moving items in – 8-12 hours Vehicle traffic – 24 hours (Drying times are dependent on temperatures. An epoxy floor coating system would take significant more time to dry over Polyurea.)

How do I clean my Garage Design Source floor coating if I stain it?

Stains wipe up with any standard cleaner / degreaser. Tougher stains can be removed with mild automotive grade rubbing compound.

Why do we need a top coat?

Polyurea is a premium commercial grade system. The topcoat provides the ultimate protection against stains and normal wear and tear. A topcoat will also make cleaning the floor a breeze unlike other products on the market. Think of the topcoat like a clear coat for your car. The automotive industry doesn’t manufacture cars without a clear coat, do they?

How does the product stand up to snow and salt.

The Polyurea manufacturer is based Minnesota and the products have been battle tested in the most adverse conditions. The Polyurea is designed to be durable in all types of conditions.

Why should I care about elongation?

All concrete moves and the number one failure of epoxy systems, because it is brittle, is its inability to bend or flex with the natural movements of concrete. Since Polyurea has an amazing ability to elongate or stretch it will bend and flex with the concrete thus resisting the cracking and peeling of other coating systems.

Can I use your product in basements or inside spaces?

Garage Design Source floor coatings is an ideal choice for anywhere you want a flooring system that will last years and be impervious to water and household stains. The special formula for the basement has no vapors and no smell.

Can I use Garage Design Source floor coatings on my porch or sidewalk or exterior surfaces?

Yes. Polyurea can be applied to any material except plastic. As such, it can be applied to the porch, sidewalk, drywall, wooden steps and basement floors. Epoxy will not stick to wooden steps or drywall.

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