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Garage Storage Shelves

Monkey Bars Storage System in Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia

We are the leading garage storage provider in the greater Washington, D.C. metro area. We offer a wide selection of customized storage systems including the Monkey Bars Storage System. As the exclusive Gorgeous Garage Dealer in metro Washington D.C, GDS can help you maximize your garage storage space to create a functional garage, basement and mudroom.

Monkey Bars Storage System

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Layered Storage

Our system allows you to create layers of storage by hanging things on multiple bars and hooks below the shelf. This maximizes on a limited amount of space. The Monkey Bars System is completely adaptable and can be integrated with other products, such as overhead storage racks or wall mounted cabinets. This will allow your entire garage to be left looking spotless!

Storage System

The Monkey Bars Storage System is fully adjustable and allows you to create layers of storage by hanging things on bars and hooks below the shelf in order to maximize space. Each four foot section of shelving can hold up to 1000 pounds and is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Bike & Sports Gear Storage

Maximize your space with Monkey Bars hooks and accessories that are ideal for hanging bikes and sports gear. You can store bikes vertically or horizontally with a variety of options. Helmets, golf bags, hockey gear, you name it, we have the accessories to store it efficiently.

Inverted Shelving


Long term storage

Our inverted shelving is a great solution for longer term storage and can hold up to 1,000 pounds per four foot section.
Inverted shelves

Maximize your space

Inverted shelving can be installed in space you normally can't access above windows and doors. We can utilize all of the usable space in your garage, while coordinating the design with finishes you choose.

Stylish and Durable Design

Our shelving is sturdy and can withstand the elements of your garage. We offer a lifetime warranty to protect your investment. Our designers will coordinate your design to include all the elements needed to maximize your storage.

Simple to Customized Garage Storage Systems

Easy and functional garage storage solutions will maximize your space and great a comfortable and  organized garage. We offer custom options as well as our layered storage system.

Our garage system options include:

  • Custom garage storage cabinets available in over 15 color options & finishes.
  • Slat wall systems for garages
  • Multilayer garage storage shelves
  • Bike storage systems
  • Hanging sports storage bags and accessories
  • Garage work benches with custom finishes

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