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Garage & Basement Organization

Garage Organization in Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia

We are the leading garage storage provider in the greater Washington, D.C. metro area. We offer a wide selection of storage systems and customized solutions. GDS can help you maximize your garage storage space to create a functional garage, basement and mudroom.


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Our Product Offerings


Our cabinets are specifically designed for the rigors and physical stress of your garage or basement. With two series of cabinets from Gorgeous Garage to choose from, we can design to meet your needs and budget. Made in the USA, these cabinets are durable melamine with a heat fused laminated finish.

Storage Shelves

The Monkey Bars Storage System is fully adjustable and allows you to create layers of storage by hanging things on bars and hooks below the shelf in order to maximize space. Each four foot section of shelving can hold up to 1000 pounds and is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Overhead Racks

Overhead storage racks help keep long term storage items off of the floor to maximize your usable space in the garage. Stationary overhead racks can hold up to 750 pounds. Motorized options which are Bluetooth enabled can hold up to 400 pounds.


Stay organized with durable, PVC, waterproof and stain resistant slat wall. Have easy access to tools and frequently used items.

Work Benches

Modern and durable workbenches in a variety of custom options will provide a functional workstation in your garage. Options range from a simple folding workbench to a rolling bench with stainless steel countertops. We can design the best solution for your needs.

Bikes and Sports Storage

Maximize your space with Monkey Bars hooks and accessories that are ideal for hanging bikes and sports gear. You can store bikes vertically or horizontally with a variety of options including motorized bike lifts.

Best Garage Storage Solutions in D.C. - Reinvent Your Garage Space With GDS

Does your garage resemble the family junk drawer? If your garage is in a total mess and needs an organizing system, we have custom solutions available.  We know that making a functional and clean garage space is easier said than done. That’s why our garage storage solutions will present you with thousands of garage storage ideas in no time! Our sales consultants will make the entire makeover process seamless and provide a 3D rendering of your design. We specialize in garage cabinetry, shelving, overhead storage and bike storage options. Garage Design Source will beautifully transform your garage from ceiling to the floor!

We all know that garage is a perfect space for keeping all kinds of tools, bikes and equipment, but without a system it can  turns into a chaotic space.

GDS has been transforming garages in Metro DC since 2004. As an authorized Gorgeous Garage dealer, we offer customized garage storage solutions including cabinetry, overhead racks, slat wall and the Monkey Bars Storage System.

Simple to Customized Garage Storage Systems

Easy and functional garage storage solutions will maximize your space and great a comfortable and  organized garage. We offer custom options as well as our layered storage system.

Our garage system options include:

  • Custom garage storage cabinets available in over 15 color options & finishes.
  • Slat wall systems for garages
  • Multilayer garage storage shelves
  • Bike storage systems
  • Hanging sports storage bags and accessories
  • Garage work benches with custom finishes


‘Garage Design Source has been so fabulous to work with! We requested so many quotes from different garage storage contractors, but they never reached us back! Fortunately, this wasn’t the case with GDS! Not only did they perfectly install the overhead garage storage, but they also respected our time and worked during the day while my husband and I were at work. It was a really pleasant surprise to come back from work, find no traces of mess, and the installed garage storage racks ready for use! I‘m looking forward to recommending their excellent service to any of my friends who need a professional and innovative garage storage ideas.‘


Melissa, Rockville, MD

‘Garage Design Source team has really made a difference in our garage space with the new garage storage systems. Their cheap garage storage ideas got everything off the floor onto a shelf or rack! Thank God, we have so much space now! They knew exactly what we needed and didn’t try to sell us something different. I‘m still in awe how much of space opened up for us with their smart garage storage solutions!‘


Kimmy, Ashburn, VA

‘Thank you, GDS for the superb job with my home! I can finally park both of my cars inside the garage. I simply can‘t believe how much clutter we actually had before the GDS intervention! Due to their garage storage planning, now I‘m able to have a good storage of my tools and other items and still have plenty of room for my two beauties! I‘ll surely stay in touch with these great guys in the future and will eagerly recommend their top performance service!‘


Jake, Vienna VA

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