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Commercial Flooring in Virginia, Maryland, & Washington, DC

The Best Commercial Flooring – GDS for the Ultimate Flooring Experience

Garage Design Source‘s team of dedicated professionals is specialized in performing commercial flooring along with a successful garage and residential floor covering. Commercial flooring is a perfect solution for your dental or doctor’s office, veterinary clinic or retail shop. Give your facility the best commercial flooring system ever! With our unique commercial flooring ideas, immaculate performance and neat commercial flooring installation, GDS will make every project a masterpiece!

Garage Design Source‘s goal is that our commercial flooring works for our clients! With 13 years of experience and professional diagnostic recommendations, we guarantee strong, beautiful and resilient floors of the finest quality. Our professional commercial flooring options are created to withstand all kinds of harmful impact, turning every floor into a great floor!

If you choose our commercial flooring your investment will definitely pay off, and you‘ll get a commercial concrete coating that does not peel or flake. And this is not just one of the misleading flooring commercials! GDS performs a professional job in preventing scratches and offers a lifetime warranty on all commercial flooring applications. When you have a warranty on epoxy floor installation you know that it’s over with the flooring nightmares!

Our elite commercial flooring employees appreciates our clients‘ time and money. We are proud to deliver the best results without setbacks and delays. Our commercial flooring services are adjusted to any schedule, creating no interruptions. If you’ve always dreamed about a breathtaking commercial kitchen flooring or remarkable commercial flooring ideas turning into reality, Garage Design Source guarantees distinctive top quality epoxy floors at the lowest prices. Let us know what you are looking for and feel free to ask for a quote. We‘ll instantly get back to you!

Popular Commercial Applications

Garage Design Source, as one of the most prominent commercial flooring contractors in Washington DC, offers an entire array of durable commercial flooring epoxy coatings, and commercial floor paint for your facility. Call our licensed and knowledgeable commercial flooring contractor. Get a fast, safe and durable commercial flooring plus exceptional customer service.

Choose a quality installation at competitive pricing for your:

  • Retail stores
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Kennels
  • Doctor‘s offices
  • and more!

Whether you decide on new indoor or outdoor commercial floor coatings, or you simply want to rejuvenate your old epoxy floors, our superior commercial flooring systems will remain as good as new! Garage Design Source waterproof commercial flooring guarantees the top-notch quality that will remain outstanding for many decades to come.

Nowadays, there are many different commercial floor coatings to choose from (tiles, vinyl, hardwood…). But Garage Design Source is the commercial flooring company that offers the most durable and lasting polyurea solutions. These are the main reasons why choose GDS options:

– durable and easy to clean surface;
– improved safety and no slip commercial rubber flooring;
– numerous range of colors and finishes;
– extremely resilient to different harmful agents and heavy traffic;
– quick and easy application;
– cost-effective flooring solutions – easily applied over different types of commercial floor coatings;
– reasonable curing time;
– lifetime warranty if properly maintained.

Commercial Flooring Installation

Before any epoxy or floor coating takes place, it‘s important to remember that a good commercial restaurant flooring or commercial fitness flooring must go through a proper preparation for the best and long-lasting results. It doesn‘t matter if your concrete is old or new, your new commercial floor coatings must be completely clean of any potential contaminants and, of course, dry. Read Garage Design Source‘s step-by-step installation guide carefully, and feel free to call and email us, if you have any concerns related to the very installation process.

1. Evaluation
Our team of experts will give its opinion and estimation of the floor right on the spot and check out if there are any contaminants, cracks or moisture that they should take care of before we consider the best commercial flooring options for your facility.

2. Repair
If our experts estimate that your floor has suffered some damages or is threatened by contaminants, they will repair the cracks, camouflage the holes, remove the stains with the most advanced damage repair technology.

3. Preparation
When the reparation is done, GDS experts will do the necessary preparation of the concrete surface (etching, pressure washing, diamond griding). This is a guarantee that the polyurea or epoxy coating will properly bond with the concrete.

4. Testing
Before applying some of the commercial flooring solutions, our team will perform the testing to make sure that the proper chemical reaction occurs, depending on the surface.

5. Choosing style and color options
Apart from resilience, strength, and durability, your commercial nonslip flooring can have numerous decorative color options with amazing effects. A wide range of glossy or matte finishes and the unlimited number of custom colors will help you create an atmosphere that will attract everybody‘s attention.

6. Stem and cove base finish
Our commercial flooring solutions are successfully conveyed both on horizontal and vertical surfaces. In addition, we easily mold cove based and stem wall finishes in order to create neat and easy to maintain edges.

7. Applying the primer
The first or the base coat is called the primer and it takes an hour to cure completely. If you plan this primer to be your only coating, it should be applied on the smaller surface. But if you‘re into commercial bar flooring or commercial bathroom flooring, for example, Garage Design Source does not recommend that the primer remain the only coating. Depending on the impact and the traffic it withstands, the thickness of floor coatings may vary. However, if you apply polyurea floor coatings there‘s no need to apply multiple coats.

8. Applying top coats

The top coating is optional, but GDS highly recommends it, for example,if you search for non slip floor epoxy coatings for commercial pool bathroom, the top coat with its anti-slip properties is absolutely necessary. The clear coat is also optional, but for commercial kitchen epoxy floor coatings, the high gloss finish will give the floor the seal of luxury and elegance. Also, it ensures the safety of your equipment and personnel, makes the floor stronger, protects the floor from the harmful agents, hides the imperfections and enables easier cleaning of the surface.


GDS Cleaning and maintenance tips

If you wnat your polyurea and epoxy floors to last, you must take good care of them and maintain them on regular basis. Sweep your floors daily, remove grease and rinse all the chemical contaminants that might endanger the smooth systems. However, you‘ll need auto floor scrubbers for commercial textured systems or some other type of commercial floor scrubber machine. Commercial floor scrubber is absolutely necessary for grease removal, stubborn dirt, stains, or chemical spills. Commercial floor wax is not necessary if your floor is new, but a commercial floor scrubber is a must for the optimal durability of textured epoxy.

The lifespan of polyurea floor coating can be unbelievably long if you decide to apply the flooring by a licensed professional, choose adequate commercial flooring solutions for your facilities and properly maintain the commercial flooring surface.


Commercial Floor Coating Benefits

  • GDS commercial floor coatings can be applied in both high and low temperatures, so you don‘t have to wait for the ideal weather conditions to call for our commercial flooring services.
  • GDS floor coating systems are strong and fast curing – polyurea floor coatings are installed and cured for only one day.
  • GDS commercial floor coatings are chemically resistant to various damaging agents like oils, gas, acids, salts, corrosion, moisture.
  • They are generally UV stable, non-yellowing and heat resistant.
  • They are flexible and resistant to hot tire lifting and different kinds of heavy impact.
  • Both our epoxy and polyurea coatings contain no VOCs keeping the space healthy and environmentally friendly.
  • GDS commercial floors are characterized by low viscosity and an outstanding wetting ability.
  • Garage Design Source guarantees a complete bubble-free coating, eliminating all traces of moisture before applying the paint.
  • Crystal clear finish is abrasion and scratch resistant and will remain impeccable for ages.
  • Multiple colors, design, patterns will give your commercial floor coating the optimal aesthetic results.
  • Our epoxy, polyaspartic and polyurea floors are easy to maintain to keep them smooth and undamaged.
  • Due to GDS commercial flooring distributors, we provide virtually indestructible concrete coverings. The products that we apply have a lifetime guarantee. Moreover, after the job has been finished, every client is handed in a written warranty.


What Things to Consider Before the Commercial Flooring Installation?

– The most important thing to consider is to calculate the cost of the flooring and the overall budget. Keep in mind that many factors can affect the final cost of the project (preparation, method, number of coatings, materials, supervision…). Before making any decisions and signing contracts, ask your flooring contractor about the costs and plan your budget on time.

Repair all the visible damage like cracks, holes, other imperfections and do the proper preparation of the concrete surface.

– Do some investigation – ask yourself: what are the most reliable commercial companies near me? Engaging a reliable contractor is necessary if you want your floor to last. Forget about DIY options and save your time and money. Remember, the cheapest commercial flooring options are not always the best!

Choose the right type of flooring for your facility depending on the amount of traffic and impact that it‘s about to withstand. Whether you need a commercial kitchen flooring, commercial gym flooring or flooring for the laundry room, you must make the right choice and apply a coating that‘s durable, flexible, and chemically resistant and that aesthetically fits the ambient of the space.

– Your commercial coating products require a certificate, which means that they must keep up with health, safety and environmental standards of your commercial facility. Also, make sure that the products the flooring company use do not contain VOCs and that they use certified brand products.

– You should know that polyurea has better performance than epoxy floor coatings – it‘s more flexible, more resilient to heavy impact, abrasion, chemicals, it‘s UV resistant, cures faster, and it can be applied in extreme weather conditions.

– If you decide to apply polyurea coatings, choose the adequate coating for your facility (aliphatic is stronger but aromatic is UV stable).

If you still have any doubts or unanswered questions, don‘t refrain from contacting us directly. Please send us an e-mail today or call us at 703-433-2608 to discover more about Garage Design Source floor commercial coating systems, services, and products.

Garage Design Source has 13 years of extensive experience with an array of commercial projects completed. All our members of the team are well educated and have certified knowledge in flooring materials, floor prep, leveling, moisture testing, application techniques in order to make each floor seamless, smooth and simply perfect. Check out yourself why Garage Design Source in Washington DC has a reputation of the commercial flooring contractor of the highest distinction. Call GDS for the best advice, quality of materials, brands and fantastic value for the money.

We’ll be happy to provide free quotations and surveys for all kinds of commercial projects throughout DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.

Choose the very best project for your budget and allow us to obtain the very best prices for you. The pressure of completing a commercial project within a tight schedule is no longer a problem. We understand that the project must be finished on time. GDS experts will go an extra mile to install your floor safely, according to the regulations and, of course, on time without the interruptions. Don‘t choose the nearest, but the most reliable flooring contractor! Call Garage Design Source today, get tips and design ideas for your commercial facility today or schedule a free consultation. Fill in the form and GDS team will provide you with samples and recommendations to help you get the best commercial floor coating for your business! Let’s talk about the idea how you imagine your perfect floor!

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