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Garage Flooring in Rockville, MD

Garage Flooring in Rockville, MD

Our experienced Garage Design Source team has been performing miracles with garage floor epoxy for 13 years in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia, including Rockville, MD: 20848, 20849, 20850, 20851, 20853, 20847, 20852, 20857. It has been transforming garages, basements, and home offices, making them highly efficient for clients‘ needs. Garage Design Source designers access customer‘s space with knowledge and experience, and they do the custom-made, quick and well-organized makeover according to customers‘ expectations in no time. In addition, our garage storage systems experts promise you a lifetime guarantee on their revolutionary epoxy garage floors and garage floor painting.

Why your Rockville neighbors hired us?

– With 13 years experience, we‘ll make your garage flooring project an affordable reality!
– Innovative, non-peeling epoxy floor systems for housing, retail, industry or restaurants.
Lifetime warranty on our flooring systems is a proof of their high-performance and durability!
– If you consider garage flooring in Rockville, MD, talk to our experts every Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
– Are you interested in GDS epoxy flooring service? Call 202-930-9091 or fill in the online request form!

Take a look which Garage Design Source services are the most desirable in Rockville, MD.


GDS experts need only 45 minutes to reach you!

Call us today and we‘ll come up together with a right solution for your home or industrial space. If you live on East Jefferson Street in Rockville, MD, GDS team needs about 45 minutes (27.5 miles) to reach your location. Call us today for a free consultation about garage flooring in Rockville, MD, and we‘ll be on the site as soon as possible!

What can you expect to read in this article?

– How garage investment can increase house value in Rockville;

– Advantages of new garage floor coatings;

– Flooring guidelines for hallways, dining or retail areas in Rockville;

– Floor coatings for the industrial sector.


We assure you that the installation of epoxy garage floors is a smart investment – not only will it beautify your home, but it will also add thousands to its value. Take into consideration the current state in Rockville, and then make your own calculations.

If the average home value in Rockville is $481,500, according to Zillow, the values have risen 3.0% over the past year. They will continue to rise 1.2% within the next year. The average price per square foot in Rockville is $291, higher than the Washington Metro  average of $212. The average price of homes amounts $466,250 and the rent price is $2,150. The Washington Metro average, on the other hand, is $2,000.

Members of Garage Design Source have defined the highest standards of quality in concrete flooring in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. The years of experience helped us develop many advanced flooring technologies. Our team‘s goals are safety, sustainability, improvement and excellent service. Call Garage Design Source today and take the right steps to an impeccable epoxy floor coating solution.


Garage Floor Coatings in Rockville, MD


Garage Design Source team is the leader in floor coating and surface preparation industry, and as such, it brings knowledge and experience to any project. Our goal is to provide you with the best concrete coating technology and exceed all customers‘ expectations. Our garage floor coatings and epoxy garage floors installations imply quality, value, and excellent service. We are capable of conveying projects of all sizes in a timely manner. Call Garage Design Source today – we‘ll help you transform your unsightly concrete into an impenetrable eye-appealing epoxy floor!

The benefits of our revolutionary epoxy and polyurea floor coatings:

  • UV stable top coat – the color doesn’t fade over time;
  • Abrasion resistant;
  • Resistant to chemicals such as oil, salt, gas etc.
  • Additional resistance due to textured surface;
  • Temperature tolerance;
  • Environmentally friendly.

Garage Design Source flooring contractors apply the coatings that will not peel, flake or blister due to the latest advancements in industry coating technology.

We are covering all ZIP Codes in Rockville, MD: 20848, 20849, 20850, 20851, 20853, 20847, 20852, 20857.


After our professional team has performed the job, Garage Design Source will present you with a written warranty. We want to assure you that we stand behind the products and services we provide.


More Than Just Garage Floor Coatings Rockville, MD


Protect, repair or enhance the concrete floors you walk and work on every day with our professional Garage Design Source team. There are many ways to transform the old damaged concrete but we guarantee that we offer the best flooring solutions for all types of concrete floors. Our approaches are innovative and our epoxy or polyurea floor coatings are environmentally friendly. Furthermore, different colors and textures will make your residential or manufacturing space both functional and breathtaking!

Call Garage Design Source if you want to:

  • Embellish your home, shop, retail location;
  • Protect and extend the life of your concrete surface;
  • Be able to clean it easily;
  • Decrease the amount of dirt and dust in your home or business;
  • Provide a waterproof protection;

“To this day, we are happy to have a very low maintenance and easy-to-clean garage floor paint surface. It‘s extremely durable and dust free. It seems like we will never have to recoat or replace our floor ever again. Its look hasn‘t only affected us, but it impresses customers and clients every time they see it. This flooring system is perfect, unlike any other existing flooring system in our industry today. Not only does it look great, but it outperforms other known flooring options while offering a top-quality and cost-effective flooring solutions. Good work Garage Design Source!“

Thomas, Rockville, MD

The right floor coating can do wonders for your:

  • Basements
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Pool decks
  • Garages
  • Warehouses
  • All interior and exterior concrete surfaces.

If you choose the right flooring contractor, like Garage Design Source,  you‘ll avoid the costs of extra cleaning, concrete repairs or floor replacement. Our revolutionary garage floor coating systems guarantee protection against heavy traffic, spills, and stains, moisture and rust, high temperatures. Our flooring solutions are not only strong and durable, but they also enhance the natural tones of your concrete due to a wide range of colors and textures.

Our full-time professional installation team is fully educated and skilled to make the epoxy floor installations perfect and we guarantee an outstanding performance and durability of our epoxy floors. If you want to dramatically improve the look of your concrete, but still have a highly protective anti-slip and resistant epoxy coating contact Garage Design Source company today!


Commercial Floor Coatings in Rockville, MD


If you‘re not sure what kind of commercial floor coating is the best for your facility, the professionals at Garage Design Source will help you choose the best materials that would withstand even high traffic settings.

High quality commercial and retail flooring solution for shops/commercial outlets offers:

  • Countless surface textures and colors;
  • Attractive but hard-wearing coatings;
  • Waterproof coatings;
  • Quick and easy installation regardless of the surface;
  • Durability and slip resistance;
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • Smart and modern appearance.

Garage Design Source floor coating is ideal for :

  • Retail Stores
  • Showrooms
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Kennels
  • Commercial kitchens and more.

Garage Design Source will improve the resilience and safety of your commercial floors. Our team always makes an estimation of your work surfaces and then recommends specific floor coating applications, depending on the size and the purpose of your facility. Also, we always adjust to your time schedule, not to interrupt your business routine.

Commercial areas are constantly exposed to high traffic and they have to be well-maintained in order to stay clean and new. Garage Design Source will apply durable and easy-to-clean epoxy flooring solutions, but still aesthetically pleasing. Our heavy duty epoxy and polyurea-based systems not only will improve the look of your floor, but they‘ll also improve the resistance to stains, marks, and other damaging agents. Choose the best flooring solution for your commercial space, but let the safety be your top priority. Our professional team will install slip-resistant and safe epoxy garage floor systems in no time.


Industrial Floor Coatings in Rockville, MD


Our polyurea floor coatings are a perfect option for high traffic and heavy duty manufacturing areas. Garage Design Source will install the protective polyurea floor coating systems that will give your floor longevity, regardless of the concrete exposure to high traffic. The type of industrial flooring you choose will deeply affect your daily routine at work. Our revolutionary epoxy floor coating systems are incredibly strong and they can withstand heavy equipment and machinery. In addition, it‘s slip, chemical and bacteria resistant, so these characteristics make our floors ideal for an industry setting.

Industrial concrete floor systems can be applied in a wide range of industrial settings, such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Machine Shops
  • Automotive shops
  • Aircraft hangars and more.

Known for incredible strength, beauty, and affordability, many manufacturing companies choose Garage Design Source‘s floors! Transform your gray and damaged industry floor into an eternal work of art today! Choose the best chemical, impact, and abrasion resistant floor from a broad array of textures, designs, and finishes. Our complex flooring solutions will meet all the demands of industry spaces and the individual needs of a client.

The benefits of our industrial floor line offer:

  • Low maintenance costs due to no waxing nor polishing;
  • Protection of a structural integrity of a facility;
  • Extreme protection from acid, chemicals, alkali and solvents;
  • Heavy loads and high impact characteristics;
  • Waterproof formulations.

Regardless of concrete‘s age and condition, Garage Design Source will provide you with the best epoxy flooring system. The versatility and toughness of our polyurea flooring systems can provide minimal downtime, improved safety and easy maintenance to most industries. Contact Garage Design Source today if you want your industry floors to remain new for a long time.


Garage Storage Systems in  Rockville, MD


Garage Design Source will help you find the best garage storage solution you have been looking for years. Our innovative storage solutions provide infinite options to customize any storage space. Our bike storage racks, garage cabinetry, and shelving systems will help you get rid of the clutter and get some extra arranged space. Make storage solutions easy with our assistance! Get the storage organized and find all the things that you thought you had lost! If you contact Garage Design Source, we‘ll identify your personal needs, your garage purpose, lifestyle and budget and develop the best garage storage system that meets your requirements.

Check out our high-quality garage storage solutions supported with an outstanding service including:

  • Over 200 styles of garage storage cabinets;
  • Pegboard and slat wall systems for garages;
  • Garage storage shelves;
  • Sports racks for garages;
  • Bike storage systems for garages;
  • Garage work benches and more!

If you have questions related to your garage storage situation, contact us now to help you with your actions and best decisions. Our unbeatable prices will give you an access to customized storage solutions, and our designers will provide you with free design drawings. We‘ll make your wishes come true!

Schedule a FREE Consultation Today

Garage Design Source invites you to explore the concrete possibilities that we offer to every customer. Over 13 years experience in the floor coating industry shows a passionate commitment to improving residential, commercial and industrial areas in Rockville, MD. If you need a free estimation or a consultation give us a call or visit our site today. We are keen to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. We offer great customer service – for small floor coating projects, we even may be able to give you an estimate and advice over the phone.

Don‘t worry about a thing – we‘ll provide you with information, measurements, samples and we‘ll propose a time to complete the particular project. Thousands of clients gave us a vote of confidence that they‘ve been working with one of the most reliable home service contractors. Look no further – choose Garage Design Source and we guarantee a quick and efficient performance. Our team is very detail-oriented and we’ll do everything we feel that is in your best interest. We’d rather not make a sale than to have a dissatisfied client.

Garage Design Source story is simple – we see our customers as family and friends. Our professional team pours the very best into everything it does and it stands confidently behind its every performance.


If you live in Virginia, Washington DC or Maryland and you‘re looking for the top-quality garage flooring, you are in luck! Contact us and receive a FREE Quote!