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Step by Step Process

Step by Step Process


If you live in Virginia, Washington DC or Maryland and you‘re looking for the top-quality garage flooring, you are in luck! Contact us and receive a FREE Quote!


Installation Assessment

Our professional team in DC will assess the conditions of the floor and attempt to determine whether there are any concrete moisture, cracks, oil or other contaminants present in the floor that will require special treatment.

Crack Repair

Many homes have some minor or major concrete slab cracks. Garage Design Source uses the most advanced crack repair technology. We will carefully fill in all the cracks, camouflage holes, remove the stains if your old concrete shows any signs of damage.

Concrete Preparation

In order for the polyurea of epoxy floor coating to properly bond with the concrete surface, our team will use the top quality polyurea garage floor kit to make the best possible preparation before the installation process. Acid etching, diamond grinding or pressure washing will open the pores for better penetration of the solution.


Before the epoxy or polyurea floor coating takes place, Garage Design Source experts will do the testing to see if there‘s a proper chemical reaction occurring. The type of surface and the ability of it to flow in will greatly affect the bonding process.

Stem Wall & Cove Base

Among the many things that help make our polyurea floor coating unique is its ability to be installed on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. Through the use of a fast curing and easy to apply product that has the same zero-odor, zero-VOC qualities, we can mold a “coved” base finish in the corners where the wall meets the floor, creating a neat and easy to maintain edge.

Prime Coat

First, we apply the base coat. The first coat of the floor coating acts as the primer and it takes an hour to cure. Garage Design Source in DC does not recommend the primer to be the only coating, unless you apply it on a smaller surface that‘s not exposed to pressure and wear.

Final Coats

After the curing process is completed the top coat with chips or quartz can be applied. This top coat enables anti-slip properties of the coating, This coating is optional, but it‘s highly recommended. The third coat is a garage floor clear coat that is also optional. However, its high gloss finish will make the floor look elegant and luxurious.