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Polyurea Garage Floor Coating in Washington, DC



If you live in Washington, DC and you want to transform your garage into a spotless and clean environment, Garage Design Source offers the best garage floor coatings.

Choosing the right coatings for garage floor sometimes can cause a terrible headache if you choose the wrong epoxy or paint. Epoxy floor systems sound like a good idea, but our professionals in DC always warmly recommend polyurea or polyaspartic floor for a garage. In this epoxy vs polyurea battle, the second choice wins since refinishing the garage floor with polyurea can bring only the superior results. Avoid scratches and stains, or if you already have them don‘t ignore them! Our reliable team in Washington offers you 4x stronger alternative to epoxy. It’s highly flexible, environmentally friendly and easy to install. All products that Garage Design Source in D.C. offers have unique characteristic. But in the last few years, polyurea and polyaspartic products have overshadowed epoxy in the garage flooring industry.

What are the pre-installation and installation process steps?

Garage Design Source provides a polyurea multi-coat flooring system which represents the latest advancement in concrete coating technology that is much different than traditional epoxy floor system. In order to provide the customer with the strongest warranty in the industry, we will install the coating after all of the following issues are resolved.

Remember, choosing a right color and design that will match your residential, commercial or industrial space in DC is also important part of pre-installation process. This is probably the most exciting part of the process for our customers, because our goal is to make your epoxy and polyurea floor coatings look both strong and beautiful.

Denim - 1/4``
Domino - 1/4``
Gravel - 1/4``
Gunflint Trail - 1/4``
Saddle Tan - 1/4``
Tan - 1/4``

NOTE: Color images may differ from the actual color due to variations in monitor display!

Garage Floor Coatings – Step by Step and what to expect?

Installation Assessment

Our professional team in DC will assess the conditions of the floor and attempt to determine whether there are any concrete moisture, cracks, oil or other contaminants present in the floor that will require special treatment.

Crack Repair

Many homes have some minor or major concrete slab cracks. Garage Design Source uses the most advanced crack repair technology. We will carefully fill in all the cracks, camouflage holes, remove the stains if your old concrete shows any signs of damage.

Concrete Preparation

In order for the polyurea of epoxy floor coating to properly bond with the concrete surface, our team will use the top quality polyurea garage floor kit to make the best possible preparation before the installation process. Acid etching, diamond grinding or pressure washing will open the pores for better penetration of the solution.


Before the epoxy or polyurea floor coating takes place, Garage Design Source experts will do the testing to see if there‘s a proper chemical reaction occurring. The type of surface and the ability of it to flow in will greatly affect the bonding process.

Stem Wall & Cove Base

Among the many things that help make our polyurea floor coating unique is its ability to be installed on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. Through the use of a fast curing and easy to apply product that has the same zero-odor, zero-VOC qualities, we can mold a “coved” base finish in the corners where the wall meets the floor, creating a neat and easy to maintain edge.

Prime Coat

First, we apply the base coat. The first coat of the floor coating acts as the primer and it takes an hour to cure. Garage Design Source in DC does not recommend the primer to be the only coating, unless you apply it on a smaller surface that‘s not exposed to pressure and wear.

Final Coats

After the curing process is completed the top coat with chips or quartz can be applied. This top coat enables anti-slip properties of the coating, This coating is optional, but it‘s highly recommended. The third coat is a garage floor clear coat that is also optional. However, its high gloss finish will make the floor look elegant and luxurious.

What are polyurea and polyaspartic garage floor coatings?

Unlike epoxy coatings, polyurea provides the perfect solution to every concrete problem your garage may encounter. It is created to withstand a multitude of damaging factors like oils, chemicals, abrasion, heat, heavy loads etc. It appeared on the market recently and very soon became popular in Washington DC among installers as an improved version of epoxy. Polyurea and polyaspartics belong to a group of polyurethanes whose components enable fast curing and hardening. Garage Design Source experts In Washington D.C. guarantee that they have no VOCs. However, due to their fast hardening properties, they must be applied by a professional. Check out why thousands of clients gave us a vote of confidence! If you‘re looking for detail-oriented information, measurements or samples – don‘t waste your time, call our professional garage contractor in DC today!

Polyurea Facts

Garage Designe Source Epoxy
Durability 4x stronger
Flexibility 98% more
Vehicle Traffic 24 hours 3 days
Installation 1 day 2-3 days
Scratch Resistant 3x more
UV Stable yes no
Odor no yes
Wooden Step Application yes no
Warranty Yes 0
Year Round Installation yes no

What are the most important benefits of polyurea garage floor coatings?

Garage Design Source in D.C. refers to polyurea garage floor coating as the ‘holy grail‘ of garage floor coatings since it has many beneficial properties. The most important are temperature and time.

  • This kind of garage surfacing can be applied in almost all weather conditions, including very high and low temperatures. Epoxy coatings are not one-day coating systems, and they require ideal temperatures and impose limitations. However, polyurea floor coatings can be applied in temperatures reaching -30 C or +60 C. Our professionals from Washington underline that you don‘t have to wait for ideal weather conditions to fix your garage floor.
  • We know that epoxy coating systems are strong and fast curing. But rock solid polyurea garage floor coatings will become strong in 1-2 hours and ready for use the following day. You don‘t have to wait 3-5 days like you used to with epoxy. Garage Design Source knows that time is money, and the cure speed faster than epoxy stands out as the most important benefit. It takes only one-day garage installation to get a super strong and super resistant floor surface that any customer will simply adore!
  • Customers agree that one-day installation is a fantastic thing. Make sure that the proper mixing and installation process is done by a professional company if you want your floor in Washington to withstand the test of time. If you compare the benefits of polyaspartic floor coating vs epoxy, keep in mind that the first one is priced little higher. We guarantee that the additional expense is worth every cent.


Other benefits which are not of less importance:

  • Chemical resistance – Although epoxy floor coatings have shown great durability, polyurea garage floor finishes have much better resistance to damaging chemical agents. Its unique characteristics are perfect for many different applications and unlike epoxy, they are resistant to corrosion. In addition, it‘s waterproof, seamless and strongly resistant to oils, gas, salts, acids and various solvents depending on the formulation that may vary in performance and application characteristics.
  • UV stability – this kind of garage paint flooring, like epoxy coating, is generally UV stable, non-yellowing and heat resistant. You should know that aromatic polyurea systems have an excellent performance, but are not completely light stable and will fade or change color in the sun over time. But don‘t worry! It won‘t ruin their unique physical properties, nor significantly alter their impressive appearance However, aliphatic systems don‘t ever change colors when exposed to sunlight, but they are available at a higher price.
  • High temperature and hot tire pickup resistant – the cured coating, unlike epoxy, can withstand heat up to 130 C being flexible and high impact resistant. Other polyurethanes sag, but polyurea is rock solid garage paint that resists heat sag and remains undistorted. In addition, when exposed to a constant flame, it will self-extinguish after 20-30 seconds. This means that this type of garage coating can withstand really high temperatures after the complete curing process. It’s also resistant to hot tire lifting, and this property is very important if you don‘t want your floor to have patches or peel up like epoxy floor coating.
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – Polyurea, unlike epoxy, contains no VOCs which is very important in order to keep your space healthy and environmentally friendly. It‘s especially important that the product you apply in small spaces, like garages, be reliable and non-harmful. Garage Design Source guarantees that no harmful emission compounds are associated with polyurea. That’s why this kind of coating, and not epoxy, is highly recommended in food processing industries. Polyurea is also a good solution if you want to turn your garage into a pantry, homemade food kitchen or if you want to make a safe playroom for your children.
  • Longer pot life – Polyurea and polyaspartic, just like epoxy floor coatings, may have different pot life. It depends on the temperature of the environment and the properties of the coating. It may also depend on the type of mixture used. Garage Design Source professionals offer formulations better than epoxy. Polyurea does not necessarily cure extremely fast. It may have a longer pot life (5-120 min).
  • Very low viscosity – unlike epoxy coating solutions, our polyurea coverings have an outstanding wetting ability if applied correctly on a prepared concrete surface. Their active components are low viscosity fluids that form a tough polymer in no time.
  • Bubble-free surface – you should also keep in mind that polyurea, like epoxy, can be affected by the humidity of an environment where it’s applied. Garage Design Source guarantees a smooth pinhole and a completely bubble-free coating. Our team of experts will eliminate all traces of moisture and apply the optimal thickness of polyurea floor paint. Higher than recommended thickness can cause bubble formation since it prevents the release of the solvent.
  • Resistant crystal clear finish – If you want to have a perfect surface finish, choose polyurea over epoxy. However, make sure it‘s applied by your professional contractor in Washington, DC. Applying a high abrasion and scratch resistant finish requires the help of a professional and special training and equipment. Polyurea coating technology, if applied properly, does not blush white from moisture and will remain impeccable for a long period of time. Also, Garage Design Source’s polyurea coatings have anti-wear and anti-skid characteristics. They are much better protection than traditional epoxy systems.
  • Wide range of color options – Garage Design Source‘s one of the top priorities is that the epoxy and polyurea floor coatings look both strong and beautiful. We offer you multiple color, design, and patterns that will match any residential, commercial or industrial space in DC. Forget about dull gray shades with no aesthetic results! Our colors and patterns will bring nothing but magic into every space!
  • Maintenance – epoxy, polyurea and polyaspartic floors are easy to maintain due to their top quality properties and surface smoothness. Regular cleaning with mop and water or occasional low PSI pressure wash should keep them in good condition. If you encounter tougher stains from oil or other potentially damaging fluids, a regular degreaser and hot water will do the magic trick!
  • Lifetime warranty – When applied correctly, our polyurea coatings are virtually indestructible. All interior residential floor coating products are backed by a lifetime warranty. Garage Design Source in Washington DC will, by all means, present you with a written warranty after the job has been completed. We want to assure you that we stand behind the products and services we provide.

What things to consider before the epoxy or polyurea garage floor coatings takes place?

Before installing epoxy or polyurea garage floor in your Washington D.C. facility, you must calculate how much surface area you want to cover. A good and precise calculation is necessary in order to plan your garage floor finishing cost and overall budget.

– You should consider if there are the existing coatings on the concrete you want to treat and the current condition of the garage surface. Depending on the visible damage (small cracks, scratches, imperfections, concrete wear) you must do the preparation of the surface.

– DIY garage floor polyurea coating may sound like a good idea. But we recommend to engage a professional polyurea and epoxy flooring contractor for the best results. If you‘re not experienced in this matter, we’re sure that you‘ll find it extremely difficult to handle the epoxy or polyurea coating materials. Be wise and don’t end up wasting your time and money if the installation fails. Keep in mind that DIY flooring installation can cause you a big trouble if you don‘t do the necessary preparation and make all the necessary steps. They will remove all the damages and humidity problems that your old concrete deals with.

– Finally, before the installation process, you must consider the polyurea or epoxy garage floor coating cost in order to keep control of your expenses. The average price per square meter is $3-$12. But you have to take into consideration other important factors that may affect the final cost of your floor installation project in DC (preparation, technique, the number of coatings, materials, project supervision).


Are polyurea garage floor systems really the best flooring solution for you and your family?

Garage Design Source in Washington DC guarantees that you’ll be completely satisfied when the installation process ends. Our professional elite garage floors contractor in D.C will leave every customer with a smile on his/her face! We guarantee the high-quality coatings, much better than epoxy, will withstand the test of time. See for yourself! Read the polyurea and epoxy garage floor coating reviews and make sure what customers think about our service. Not only will our floor last for years, but it can also add to the resale value if you ever decide to sell your home.

In addition, you should know that the health and safety of our clients and their families are our top priority. Our floors are antibacterial and non-toxic, so don‘t be afraid that your kids‘ health may be harmed. Garage Design Source, Washington, guarantees that they are perfectly safe for your kids. If your garage space isn‘t used to its potential, you may consider transforming it into a playroom, making your home a happier place.

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